Burglary and Fire Proof Safes

Trusted the world over, We have leading international security safe box and security deposit lockers supplier. We provide solutions for cash and valuable storage data and document protection. well known and appreciated for their unique combination of robustness, reliability and modern designs. Having provided security solutions for almost 200 years, we know how to combine experience with innovation to create truly trustworthy storage solutions.

Cash Safe

Cash safes offer burglary protection in different levels  from low medium to high security specially designed using improved burglar and fire resistant materials of high density and strength for the protection of important documents cash valuables against burglary and fire.
They are available in different sizes designs, and with an extensive range of interior fittings

Home safe

Home safe is specially designed to protect limited amount of cash and valuables within a domestic or small office surrounding. It offers protection and convenience to both homes and offices with latest design in electronic lock.

Hotel Safe

Hotel Safe is a Revolution in todays hotel safe management. It does not only provide security and convenience for hotel guests but also provides flexibility and customization to the hotel management. Hotel Safe operates on a personal pin number for confidentiality. For the Hotel Management The advanced security software together with the safes advanced features offers the ultimate protection against visible and non-visible breaches and tampering.

Document cabinets

Document cabinets provide efficient fire protection for paper documents. The RPF 9000 series & 5200 series are tested and certified to the Underwriters Laboratories test standard UL 72 Class 350 for paper protection against fire for 120 minutes. Two three or four drawers are available for both series.